2 Places Liposuction Can Help You

Liposuction is an excellent way to reduce unwanted pockets of stubborn fat. When certain areas of the body cease responding to diet and exercise, you’re left with few options. You can live with the embarrassing bulges, or find an alternative to traditional body shaping methods like targeted exercise.

While lipo is commonly used to treat areas like the love handles, thighs or buttocks that frequently store these pudgy pockets of subcutaneous fat, the fat-reducing method can be applied virtually anywhere on the body. Here are two lesser known target areas where lipo can make all the difference.

Under the Chin

The area under the chin is a common problem spot. Men and women who have lost significant amounts of weight may find that while certain parts of their figure look great, they still have a double — or triple — chin. Liposuction can be used to delicately enhance definition of the jawline and create a slimmer facial appearance overall. Skin lifting may be required for a tighter result.

Bra Bulge

There are few things as uncomfortable as the daily skin irritations caused by bra bulge. Subcutaneous fat that becomes lodged around the mid to upper back can make clothes fit uncomfortably and even create visible bulges under the bra. By applying liposuction to the back and midsection as needed, women can enjoy a fitter look and say goodbye to bra bulge exasperation.