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Round vs. Anatomically Shaped Implants

With so many breast implant options on the market today, understanding the best implant shape for you can be tricky. A board-certified plastic surgeon is trained and experienced in understanding how the different implant types will look for a range of body types and goals after surgery. Your plastic surgeon can explain more about why you might see a better outcome from one type of implant over ano Read more →

Can Liposuction Reveal a More Muscular Abdomen?

Men and women alike often feel self-conscious about their midsection. Even with regular exercise and a healthy diet, you may have extra pounds and flabby skin on your stomach. We see many patients who have good abdominal muscle definition, but it is "hidden" behind layers of excess tissue. Can plastic surgery help? Building Muscular Strength Muscle strength only comes from lots of training. No matter how m Read more →