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Minimize Your Tummy Tuck Scar with These 3 Tips

A tummy tuck scar can sound intimidating. Although it is placed low enough to be covered by a swimsuit, a tummy tuck scar still stretches from hip to hip across your low abdomen. Picking an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon and following these tips can take the stress out of having a larger scar by minimizing its appearance. 1. Try a Silicone Gel As you recover from your tummy tuck, the incision may be red fo Read more →

Why Rhinoplasty Is about Both Form and Function

Plastic surgery isn’t necessarily just about vanity or wanting to feel better about your appearance. Many procedures are also about improving how your body functions or treating a condition, such as improving obstructed vision or fixing separated muscles. The same goes for a nose job, which can address both aesthetics and function. The Pretty Part A popular surgical procedure, Read more →