3 Reasons Why Winter Is a Great Time for Liposuction

The cooler, longer days of winter are the perfect time to start working on your own renewal and transformation for spring. Under the cover of winter clothes, liposuction can whisk away those problem spots that don’t respond to exercise and leave you with smoother contours before swimsuit season comes back around. In fact, there are a few specific reasons that scheduling your liposuction for wintertime could be a good idea.

1. ‘Tis the Season of Comfortable Clothes

Disguising a compression garment and wearing loose-fitting clothing after liposuction is a breeze during winter months. You don’t have to worry about sweltering in your compression garment and you can keep your liposuction under wraps with long sweaters until you’re ready to show off your results.

    The comfy months of sweater weather make winter the ideal time to get liposuction and emerge with a slimmer body in springtime.

2. Staying Indoors Is Expected

Even in places like Dallas that have warmer winter climates, you may find yourself spending more time indoors and out of the sun as the days grow shorter. Though the tiny scars from liposuction are expertly hidden on your body and should be barely visible with time, avoiding sun exposure helps to ensure the best healing to minimize the appearance of liposuction scars.

3. You’ll Have Time to Recover

With the holidays passed and co-workers back from vacation, you may find it easier to take time off work in January or February, letting you recover from liposuction without the stress of juggling holiday preparations and schedules. Plus, the holiday goodies will have already come and gone, giving you a chance to achieve and maintain a stable weight that helps maximize your liposuction results in the long run.