3 Very Real Benefits of Getting Rhinoplasty

Closeup portrait of a happy middle aged woman with hand on chinRhinoplasty, more commonly known as a nose job, is a small facial surgery that can have a big impact on both your appearance and quality of life. Since the nose is one of the most central and defining features of the face, a nose that’s out of proportion with your other features can be distracting and unflattering. Here are three significant benefits of rhinoplasty that not everyone may realize.

1. Improved Proportions with Smaller Size

Although rhinoplasty can also make the nose larger, most commonly, the procedure is used to make a large nose smaller. Individuals with prominent noses may feel self-conscious about their appearance as a result. An overly large nose can also detract from other features that you may feel good about, like your eyes or cheekbones, making rhinoplasty a great way to bring your facial appearance into harmony.

2. Better Shape

Another benefit of rhinoplasty is improving the shape of the nose. If you’ve had a past injury that has affected the shape of your nose, for example, or if you have a naturally crooked bridge, rhinoplasty can improve facial symmetry by correcting damaged bone structure and cartilage that may throw your nose out of balance.

3. Improved Breathing

Although rhinoplasty is typically thought of as purely cosmetic, the procedure can actually improve your breathing abilities. If you have a deviated septum, you may struggle to breathe properly and have issues with snoring, which can negatively impact your relationships and quality of life. By restructuring the shape of the nostrils, rhinoplasty can improve your breathing and reduce problems with snoring.