4 Questions to Ask at Your Eyelid Surgery Consultation

Eyelid surgery can be an effective treatment for men and women who feel sagging skin, bags, puffiness or a tired look around their eyes may be making them look older. An experienced board-certified plastic surgeon can help you see optimal results from eyelid surgery but what should you ask during the consultation? Here are four questions to get you started.

1. Is Eyelid Surgery Right for Me?

Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) can lift and smooth the upper and lower eyelids but eyelid surgery may not address other concerns about the appearance of your eyes or face. Be honest and detailed with Dr. Meade about the specific things that bother you because other treatments or combining procedures may better address your concerns.

   Make the most of your eyelid surgery consultation by bringing questions.

2. What Do You Recommend?

Meade can perform surgery on just your upper or lower eyelids or both. After talking with you about your worries and goals, he can recommend which type of eyelid surgery is right for you. A combination of both upper and lower eyelid surgery could be the option that works best.

3. What Results Can I Expect?

Realistically, you can expect to have loose or sagging skin removed or lifted, fatty deposits eliminated for a smoother look, bags under your eyes corrected and fine wrinkles in your lower lids may be minimized. Wrinkles around your eyes (crow’s feet) or signs of aging in your forehead won’t be affected, though.

4. What Is Recovery Like?

Most people have swelling and bruising after eyelid surgery but you should be able to get back to your normal routine 7 to 10 days after the procedure and planning your eyelid surgery for cooler months may make your recovery easier.