Benefits of Smooth vs. Textured Breast Implants

07-19-2012-Smooth-VS-Textured-Breast-Implants-Doctor-Ricardo-MeadeWhen you go to get breast implants from Dr. Meade, you will have to make many decisions. One of these decisions is whether or not you should get smooth or textured implants. Here’s some of the benefits of both of these types of implant treatments to better help you understand the differences:

Smooth Breast Implants

  • Smooth implants are the most widely used breast implants.
  • They are less likely to ripple.
  • They can freely in the breast pocket which some women prefer.
  • They tend to last longer.
  • They may cost less than most textured implants.

Textured Breast Implants

  • They are less likely to shift in the breast pocket which is great for some breast implant shapes.
  • Textured implants were designed to help prevent capsular contracture.
  • Textured implants are best for certain body shapes and bigger breasts.

The differences between textured and smooth implants and how they can benefit you really depends on numerous factors. Your Dallas breast implants surgeon will be able to explain this to you further. They will also perform an evaluation and will be able to tell you which one they feel you could benefit from the most.

If you would like to know more, call Dr. Meade for a consultation.