Breast Augmentation-Bottoming Out

In my Dallas office I had a patient with concerns of her nipple appearing moved up higher after her breast augmentation.  Upon breast examination, I discovered that her implant had bottomed out as suspected.  This is a tough problem because I see these patients after having paid full price for something they’re now seeing someone else for. Ultimately, we need to bring this patients breasts back!

“Bottoming out” means that the breast implants have descended too low on the chest, thus making the nipple too high on the mound. Thin tissue or support at the bottom of the breast can weaken from weight of the existing implant. This forces the implant to migrate downward forcing all the fullness of the breast implant to be below the areola/nipple complex and leaving the upper pole area flat. This can be repaired by either taking tissue surrounding the implant ( the old existing capsule)is cut and rolled upward to the desired position of the new crease and held in place with internal sutures –also known as capsulorraphy. Another option is to use tissue substitutes such as Alloderm or Strattice to hold the breast up and support the implant. These products can be used to create a structural brace for women who do not have enough tissue of their own. If you are concerned about bottoming out, ask your board-certified plastic surgeon if you are at risk, and what steps can be taken to minimize your risk. Please contact the office 214-823-1691 or visit the website to schedule your consultation.