Breast Augmentation Pain

There are many options patients have to consider before deciding on Breast Augmentation. One of these factors is the breast augmentation pain after the surgery. Patients have to ask themselves “Is it worth getting breast implants even though it can be painful?” The simple truth is you will be in discomfort following your breast implant surgery. There is no way around that, but the reward is well worth it! Breast augmentation stretches the tissues, and can be uncomfortable. This is especially true when the implants are placed under the muscle as well as when the breasts have never been stretched such as in young women who have never had children. The pain is greatest within the first 48 hours, but improves with each day and can be considerably relieved by pain medications (but there will still be discomfort). Thankfully, your surgeon will prescribe medications that help you deal with the pain from breast implants. These include pain meds, anti-inflammatory meds and a muscle relaxant if needed. During the first week or two, you’ll notice bruising and swelling in the affected area. Usually, this subsides fairly quickly after that. In spite of the initial discomfort that accompanies surgical breast enhancements, most women report that the soreness they experience is well-worth their results. If you would like to learn more come in and discuss this with a board certified plastic surgeon, you can contact the office 214-823-1691 or visit the website to schedule your consultation.