Can Exercise Give You the Same Boost as a BBL?

shutterstock_82191409A Brazilian butt lift can add fullness to your buttocks and create curves. Yet, the right combination of targeted exercises also add curviness to your butt, not to mention slim and tone the rest of your body. Can exercise replicate the unique results of a Brazilian butt lift?

Here’s the Difference

  • Intense and consistent exercise can build up the muscles in your butt and reduce the layer of fat, giving you a shapelier, more toned bottom. A Brazilian butt lift, though, is about achieving a curvy look by changing the shape and profile of your bottom. Dr. Meade uses liposuction to collect fat from somewhere else on your body and then injects that fat into your buttocks. A derrière toned by exercise may have a different look compared to a BBL bottom, and exercise may only slightly increase the overall size of your buttocks.
  • All those lunges and squat thrusts can only enhance what you already have by increasing the size of your gluteal muscles, plus exercise requires dedication to maintain your muscle mass. Building those muscles won’t give you a fuller, higher or rounder bottom. Only a BBL can produce significant and long-lasting results by augmenting your natural assets.

The Road to a Better Butt

  • A Brazilian butt lift can be a great option for people who want a shapelier bottom with permanent results that look and feel completely natural without the invasiveness of implants. A BBL can also be combined with other procedures for an hourglass shape that highlights and balances your new silhouette.