Can Liposuction Reveal a More Muscular Abdomen?

Men and women alike often feel self-consciousshutterstock_95030470 about their midsection. Even with regular exercise and a healthy diet, you may have extra pounds and flabby skin on your stomach. We see many patients who have good abdominal muscle definition, but it is “hidden” behind layers of excess tissue. Can plastic surgery help?

Building Muscular Strength

Muscle strength only comes from lots of training. No matter how miraculous plastic surgery results may seem, if you don’t already have the muscle strength, your surgeon can’t create it for you. Building abdominal strength can take months of regular abdominal workouts to achieve. If want stronger and more visible abs, the first step is to make sure your muscles are toned and strong.

Ab Sculpting with Liposuction

Even if you have strengthened your abdominal muscles, you may find that you still lack the definition that you want. This is likely because your body is storing a layer of excess fat right on top of the muscle layer. “Ab sculpting” is a term often used to describe liposuction to shape the midsection with particular attention to showcasing the abdominal muscles. This approach can help reveal the six-pack you have hidden underneath the excess fat.

Maintaining Your Results

The stomach area is one of the most common targets for liposuction, but keep in mind that unless you diligently maintain your results with a healthy lifestyle, your six-pack can vanish as quickly as it appeared. Keep up your core strength and practice healthy eating so your body doesn’t replace your old bulges with a new set of love handles.