Can You Combine Rhinoplasty with Other Surgeries?

shutterstock_63841345Adding other cosmetic surgery procedures to your rhinoplasty, or nose job, can better complement your reshaped nose, offer more comprehensive results and help you feel more confident about your look.

Rhinoplasty alone focuses just on your nose and correcting bumps, asymmetry, the proportion and scale and poor structure. Dr. Meade can also address other concerns in combination with rhinoplasty.

The Benefits of Going for A Combo

One of the biggest advantages to combining procedures is that you will have one date for surgery, one recovery period and quicker results. If you opt for separate procedures, you may have to wait several weeks or even months between rhinoplasty and a second surgery, which delays the realization and enjoyment of your final outcome.

You may also save money by combining procedures because you will be scheduled for surgery and undergo anesthesia only once.

Other benefits include an improved overall look that can highlight your rhinoplasty. Talk with Dr. Meade about other concerns you may have about your appearance, especially your face and neck. He may suggest adding a face or neck lift to tighten sagging skin, eyelid surgery to restore a more alert look, liposuction to remove fatty deposits or BOTOX® to help smooth wrinkles.

Work Closely with Your Surgeon

Planning an eyelid surgery or a facelift for the same time as rhinoplasty also helps Dr. Meade better understand your final vision and prepare for that outcome. It’s important to work closely together during this planning process to help you meet your personal appearance goals.