Cutting Edge Breast Implants

photo-41-150x150photo-32-150x150Cutting edge breast augmentation implant information:


Here’s a interesting photo for the breast augmentation patients looking for the newest technology out there.

On the left is Allergan’s breast implant style 45 gel 400ccc breast implant.  It has the max projection available.  This is a calculation of the height of the breast implant off the table, its how much it projects forward off your chest.

They measure the highest point of the implant (even if it’s just a lip of the breast implant).

On the left is Mentor’s new Ultra High Profile breast implant.  It’s a 430 but that’s not why it ripples less.  Their implant has rippling because it’s built that way, fuller.  This company measures from the center of the breast implant.

I’ve booked several cases with these implants, they’re definitely interesting to consider.