Did Beyoncé Get a Nose Job?

Celebrities have always been the target of rumors and speculations. Whenever they lose weight, the results are usually attributed to liposuction. When they look great for their age, the culprit is usually Botox or a face lift. But while many of Hollywood’s elite have no qualms about admitting to having plastic surgery, there are those that won’t say yay or nay – Beyoncé being one of them.


The 31-year-old R&B singer is looking great for her age, especially after just recently giving birth to baby girl Blue Ivy with hubby Jay-Z. But while the starlet has always been considered a ravishing beauty in her own right, rumors have begun to spread that she got a little help from the cosmetic surgery gods.

During Beyoncé’s halftime special during the Super Bowl, millions of people around the country were glued to their TV sets, staring not at the singer’s impressive dance moves or outrageous costume, but at her nose, which looks like it underwent a huge makeover.

It appears that Beyoncé not only debuted some new choreography during the Super Bowl, but a new nose as well.  While she has yet to confirm or deny the rumors, the difference in her appearance is striking.

Looking back at photos of Beyoncé over the years, it seems as though she has had some work done on her nose more than just once. In 2004, rumors began to circulate that Beyoncé underwent Rhinoplasty to change the shape of her nose. But while her past alterations have been more subtle, the singer’s nose during the halftime show looked completely different.

At the halftime show, Beyoncé’s nose looked much more narrow and the tip more refined than it previously did. There is a big chance she had nose reshaping surgery done to make her nose appear longer and more delicate, but these rumors have yet to be proven.

How the singer even had time to recover is remarkable, but Rhinoplasty surgery, especially if it is a follow up surgery, can have very fast recovery times. Healing following nose reshaping surgery can be as quick as 10 days, though ample time should be given to fully recuperate.  If Beyoncé was trying to speed up the healing process, then she might have to undergo a future reconstructive Rhinoplasty surgery to correct any problems that resulted from failing to allow her nose to completely heal.

Several critics have come forward, arguing that the change in the shape of Beyoncé’s nose was merely a clever makeup contouring trick, but to the trained eye of an experienced plastic surgeon, it certainly appears as though the singer’s change was a surgical one.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures, especially here in Dallas, TX.  Not only can the treatment improve the shape of the nose aesthetically, but it can also correct medical problems, including a deviated septum or misshapen nostrils.

Regardless of the reasons to undergo Rhinoplasty, the results can be life-changing. If you have considered undergoing nose reshaping surgery, contact Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Ricardo Meade today to see your ideal options.