Fat Grafting Lumpectomy Info


As a woman, you may need reconstruction due to breast cancer or even have had something tragic happen that may leave you with a lumpectomy defect. That is why your Dallas breast implant surgeon offers their fat grafting lumpectomy procedure.

A fat grafting lumpectomy is a procedure that consists of taking fat from other areas of the body such as the abdomen and using it for the defect in the breasts. The stem cells under the layer of skin can be used to create new fat cells, which will greatly help the breasts. The stem cells in the fat used will help by stimulating the other fat cells which will help keep them alive or to become fat cells themselves.

This procedure isn’t as complicated as it may sound and it is a great way to correct a lumpectomy defect in the breast. Your breast implants surgeon from Dallas will thoroughly explain how the surgery works and will make sure that you understand the procedure before it is performed.

If you have a lumpectomy defect that you are embarrassed or self-conscious about, contact your Dallas breast implants surgeon for a consultation.