How Long Do Breast Implants Last?

Many women in Dallas, TX choose to undergo breast augmentation surgery for a variety of reasons. Some may desire larger breasts, while others would like more symmetrical, firmer breasts. There are also women who wish to have the shape of their breasts or areola’s changed, either enlarged or minimized. Whatever the reason for the procedure, it is important for prospective patients to know all the facts before undergoing the surgery and have realistic expectations.

While recent advancements in plastic surgery have made breast implants safer and more durable, no matter what type of implant is chosen, they will have to be replaced sooner or later. So how long exactly do Dallas breast implants last?

Although we all wish breast implants could last a lifetime, implants are manmade devices that eventually need to be replaced.  There are indeed some implants that can last a woman for the rest of her life, but there are others that require replacement in as little as five years. The average lifespan of a breast implant is between ten and twenty-five years. Several factors influence how long the implants will last, including the material that is used to fill the implants. The best way to keep implants monitored is by undergoing routine mammograms and MRI tests to ensure that the implants are in place and intact.

But why exactly do breast implants wear down or become damaged? Firstly, normal wear and tear leads to the deterioration of the breast implants. This is normal and expected.  However, the most common reason why breast implants require replacement is leakage. While saline implants feel more natural to the touch and are less likely to pose a health risk if they were to tear, the likelihood of saline implants being damaged is more likely than for silicone gel implants. Yet, the main reason why implants end up tearing and leaking has more to do with the actual surgeon than the implant itself. Many cosmetic surgeons overfill or underfill their patient’s implants, causing them to vary in shape and making them more prone to tears and leakage.  This is why it is imperative to choose a breast implant doctor that has years of successful experience and who has patient approval to show for.

Dr. Ricardo Meade is a Board Certified Dallas plastic surgeon who has performed hundreds of breast augmentation procedures with spectacular results. He will sit down and discuss which options are best for each prospective patient’s anatomical shape and cosmetic goals and will never perform a procedure that is adverse to a patient’s health. Dr. Meade can perform three different types of incisions for implants, enabling him to determine the ideal location for each patient’s implants to ensure optimal results.  Dr. Meade can also replace breast implants that have worn down over the years or that have ruptured. Patients who undergo Dallas breast augmentation with Dr. Meade enjoy natural, long-lasting results.

For a consultation regarding our breast augmentation procedures, contact Dallas cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Ricardo Meade, today.