Illegal Brazilian Butt Lift

I was reading an article the other day about a 37 year old woman performing butt lifts with illegal injections of silicone without a medical license. One of her victims experienced severe pain and shortness of breath following the procedure. Hours later she fainted, when the victims boyfriend revived her she called the 37 year woman who injected her and asked if she should go to the hospital. Of course the woman told her “NO, the hospital would not help her because the procedure was done illegally. Another one of her victims started bleeding and fluid was leaking from her back side after the procedure was done. When she called and asked, what she should do? The illegal injector told her to buy some super glue and apply it to the areas that were leaking. What this woman did is a health hazard to people. People have died from this kind of conduct. Before you spend money on any kind of cosmetic procedure make sure you see a board certified plastic surgeon. It’s better to be safe than sorry!