Minimize Your Tummy Tuck Scar with These 3 Tips

A tummy tuck scar can sound intimidating. Although it is placed low enough to be covered by a swimsuit, a tummy tuck scar still stretches from hip to hip across your low abdomen. Picking an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon and following these tips can take the stress out of having a larger scar by minimizing its appearance.

1. Try a Silicone Gel

As you recover from your tummy tuck, the incision may be red for several months as blood flows to the area to heal the tissue and new skin grows. With time, the redness and your scar should fade. You can help promote healing by using a medical-grade silicone gel that allows the tissue to breathe and blocks excess moisture from getting into the wound.

2. Massage Your Incision

After the skin has healed, you can massage your tummy tuck incision to help the scar heal well. Massaging increases blood circulation to your new tissue and helps to soften and flatten your scar by preventing collagen from becoming raised.

3. Avoid Sun Exposure

For at least a year after your tummy tuck, wear sunscreen whenever your scar is exposed to the sun or if you wear lightweight clothing that may not offer adequate sun protection. You should also avoid tanning with artificial light. Sun exposure and tanning can both cause the scar to become a permanent part of your skin instead of fading as it should.

Taking the time to take the best care of your tummy tuck scar can help you more fully enjoy the long-lasting benefits of a tummy tuck, such as a more defined waistline.