New Scar Treatment

Scars from plastic surgery can cause anxiety.  How, besides meticulous technique and attention to every detail can a patient minimize scars?  Everybody has different genetics in their scarring but I’ll tell you which treatment I’ve seen a nice scar reduction in.  I’m now using a new scar treatment in my Dallas and Plano offices.  NewGel+E is an advanced silicone Gel for scars. This product developed by doctors, is the leading management solution available. NewGel+ reduces, flattens, fades and smoothes both old and new scars. It ‘s also available in silicone sheeting and shapes of most incisions used in tummy tucks, breast lifts and breast reductions.  It’s clinical studies prove to see results in 3 to 7 weeks and best results in about 3 months. So, if you have being putting off cosmetic surgery because of scarring, here’s a great solution. If interested call my Dallas office 214-823-1691 and schedule your consultation.