What Is a One-Step Latissimus Dorsi/Implant Breast Reconstruction and Why Does My Surgeon Suggest It?

Immediately after a mastectomy, your Dallas breast implants surgeon may suggest a One-Step Latissimus Dorsi. This is a form of breast reconstruction that is best for small to medium sized breasts.

The One-Step Latissimus Dorsi requires your Dallas breast implants surgeon to take an oval section off of your upper back. This section is made up of skin, fat and the latissimus dorsi muscle. This section will then be applied to the breast area through a tunnel that goes from your back to your breasts; this ensures
that the blood vessels stay attached. The blood vessels are an important part of allowing your reconstruction to go over smoothly.

Your Dallas breast implants surgeon will then work with the oval section taken from the back to help form the shape of a breast. They will also reconstruct the areola before inserting implants. When all is through, your will have natural looking breasts once again.

Have you been diagnosed with breast cancer and are trying to learn more about your options? Well, to learn more about the One-Step Latissimus Dorsi reconstruction method call your Dallas breast implants surgeon for more information. They will give you a detailed description and tell you if they think
this is your best option.