Plastic Surgery on the Runway

This year for the first time, plastic surgery was incorporated openly and proudly into the runway at New York Fashion Week.

A plastic surgeon organized the “Faces of Beauty” runway show, which saw models strut their stuff while plastic surgery before-and-after photos flashed on TV screens behind them. Though the concept may seem a little strange, the surgeon who was behind the show was hoping to dispel rumors about the cosmetic surgery industry.

Many people’s ideas of plastic surgery are based on what they see on TV or read in the tabloids. You can pick up any celebrity magazine at your local grocery store and read about “BOTOX® gone wrong” or other horrifying mistakes celebrities have made when going under the knife. However, most all plastic surgeries are successful if done by a board certified plastic surgeon and those that are done well won’t make the news. If you are interested in plastic surgery, call the office at 214-823-1691 to schedule a consultation.