Preventive Mastectomy

In hopes of avoiding future breast disease, some women at very high risk of developing Breast Cancer elect to have both breast surgically removed by nipple sparing mastectomy.  This surgery is different from the subcutaneous mastectomy and areolar sparing techniques and should be considered for all eligible patients.  Typically, all I need to do is a measured physical exam to evaluate a patients candidacy.

In an article I recently read, a young woman says her choice of a preventive double-mastectomy and reconstruction gives her the best chance to live a healthy life. The woman carries the breast cancer-related BRCA mutation, and her mother had triple-negative breast cancer. It is important for a woman who is considering preventive mastectomy to talk with a team of specialists in breast plastic surgery about her risk of developing breast cancer, the surgical procedures and its potential complications, and alternatives to surgery.  Too often I’ve seen women go to their local options not having done enough research and regret the outcome.  Revision breast reconstruction is a field I dedicate much time to but it is most challenging. If you wish to talk about your choices please call 214-823-1691 to schedule a consultation.