Remove Excess Skin with a Tummy Tuck

A tight and sculpted stomach is something everyone dreams of but can’t always achieve. Try as we might, most of us don’t have the best genetics in our favor, and even with hours of exercise and strict dieting, we just can’t seem to firm up our midsection. When fat accumulates in the abdominal region, it can become detrimental to our health. Studies have shown that excess belly fat can lead to several health issues, including heart disease, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, stroke, and even some types of cancer.  Extra abdominal fat can also lead the skin in the area to stretch beyond its natural ability, resulting in loose skin. This is a common problem many people struggle with, especially after dramatic weight loss or pregnancy.


So then what can be done about getting rid of this fat and the excess skin that comes along with it once and for all? Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Ricardo Meade has the solution.

Whether you are suffering from extra abdominal fat or loose skin due to age, weight gain, child birth, there is a procedure that can both eliminate the fatty tissue and the excess skin at the same time. Known as Abdominoplasty, or more commonly, the Tummy Tuck, this treatment can not only eliminate unwanted fat and stretched skin, but it can even tightening abdominal muscles that have become weak, adding contour to your midsection and giving you the tight abdominals you have always wanted.

The procedure can be performed on both women and men in Dallas, TX who have an excess of belly fat and/or loose skin. Dr. Meade has been successfully performing Tummy Tuck surgeries in Dallas for many years, with incisions so small you will barely notice. He will remove any excess fat with liposuction and then eliminate excess skin with the Abdominoplasty procedure. If your abdominal muscles are week, Dr. Meade will repair them so you can look years younger and inches slimmer. The Tummy Tuck can also remove stretch marks on the lower abdomen that have developed due to general weight gain or pregnancy, or skin that has been damaged due to other factors, such as burns or injuries.

Summer is just around the corner, and a Tummy Tuck can get you beach and pool ready in no time.  It takes about a month and a half to completely recover from the surgery, but you can expect to return to work in about two weeks and show off your new physique. As long as you maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly, the results of the Tummy Tuck will be long-lasting and remain stunning.

It is important to remember that the Dallas Tummy Tuck is not a weight-loss substitute. You should have realistic expectations about the surgery, be in good health both mentally and physically, and have a stable weight. The procedure is meant to treat excess skin and underlying fat that has accumulated in the midsection, not to remove heavy volumes of unwanted fat. Patients who have more than 30 pounds to lose should consider an alternate weight-loss procedure, which Dr. Meade can also help with.

To discuss the procedure and determine if you are an ideal Abdominoplasty candidate, schedule a consultation with Dr. Ricardo Meade today.