Round vs. Anatomically Shaped Implants

With so many breast implant options shutterstock_66215992on the market today, understanding the best implant shape for you can be tricky. A board-certified plastic surgeon is trained and experienced in understanding how the different implant types will look for a range of body types and goals after surgery. Your plastic surgeon can explain more about why you might see a better outcome from one type of implant over another, as your final results depend on several factors.

Your Goal Appearance

A common misconception about round breast implants is that they always make the breasts appear artificial. In fact, a skilled breast augmentation specialist can create either a subtle or dramatic look with round implants, depending on your goals.

Anatomically shaped implants are designed to mimic the natural slope of the breast. Because they need to hold this shape, the silicone within them is more highly “cross linked,” meaning that the implant has a firmer feel than a round silicone implant.

Your Breast Anatomy

Your existing anatomy also plays a significant role in your surgeon’s choice of implant type. Plastic surgeons sometimes recommend anatomically shaped implants for women with very little existing breast tissue, because these implants may do a better job of creating a natural appearance than a comparable round implant that cannot be “hidden” as well due to lack of existing breast tissue.

You may have done the research and think that one of these implant types is the best one for you, but it’s important to keep an open mind when consulting with your plastic surgeon. He or she has a lot of experience performing breast surgery and understands that implant shape is one of many factors that will influence how your breasts look and feel after surgery.