Top 6 Reasons Why Some Women Want Breast Augmentation Revisions

03-13-2012-Dallas-Plastic-Surgery-News-Blog-Muscular-PlacementA Dallas breast implants surgeon is no stranger to performing breast augmentation revision treatment. There are many reasons why a woman may opt for a revision surgery and here are some of the reasons why:

  1. They may experience tissue weakness in one of their breasts which makes their implant appear lower than the other one.
  2. Their implants may appear too far apart or too close to each other, making their breast implants appear completely unnatural.
  3. They may experience capsular contracture which can be painful and cause misshapen breasts.
  4. If a woman’s breast tissue is weak, their implants may ripple.
  5. Their implants may sag.
  6. Their implants may appear to be bottoming out which will cause the nipples to be too far away from the fold of the breast, looking very unnatural.

All of these reasons are obvious reasons for a woman to consider breast augmentation revision from a Dallas breast implants surgeon. It is also why women should thoroughly consider who they go to for their breast implants surgery. It is always wise to choose an experienced and reputable Dallas breast implants surgeon that will perform your breast implant surgery with skill and professionalism.