Want Kim Kardashian’s Curvaceous Buttocks?

There has been a lot of media attention these days on the size and shape of famous “derrieres” in show business. Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and even Pippa Middleton have all been admired for their curves and contours. However, not everyone is lucky enough to be born with such a great shape. But while  at one point, these natural curves were unattainable, Dr. Ricardo Meade in Dallas, TX can  make those dreams a reality.


The Dallas Brazilian Buttocks Lift is one of the most dynamic cosmetic procedures available. While buttocks augmentations are not new, the innovative Brazilian Butt Lift does not require any implants. Instead, the patient’s own fat cells are taken from an area that has excess amount of fat and transferred to the buttocks to increase its volume, shape or lift the buttocks to a higher position.

While several factors can lead an individual to seek a butt lift, one of the most common is sagging. Whether because of age, weight loss, weight gain, or genetics, the muscles and the skin surrounding the buttocks area can lose their strength and elasticity, respectively. When muscles and skin begin to shift, the buttocks itself can start to sag. The Brazilian Butt Lift takes care of this common issue and restores the buttocks to its youthful position. The buttocks itself will be made more firm or will be enlarged, depending on the patient’s preference, and the result will be a natural, smooth and contoured derriere that will have heads turning in your direction wherever you go.

Then there are patients who seek a buttocks enhancement because they would like to change the shape of the buttocks. Some people are born with smaller buttocks that do not have much contour or shape. This can affect what clothes the individual can wear and take a toll on their self esteem. Even toned buttocks that are smaller in shape can cause problems for the individual’s self confidence, but the Brazilian Butt Lift in Dallas can fix this problem.

When working with experienced Dallas cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Meade, you can expect your Brazilian Butt Lift treatment to go smoothly and yield exceptionally gorgeous results. The procedure is performed under anesthesia, but is considered an outpatient procedure. For many patients, results will be visible immediately following the surgery but some swelling may be experienced for the first few days after the treatment, which may hide the results of the lift.

The Brazilian Butt Lift poses a much smaller chance of complications because the patient’s own fat is used to enlarge the buttocks. There are no artificial implants and no risk of the body rejecting the procedure because the fat is completely natural and is not enhanced with any chemicals or treatments. Additionally, the patient can enjoy a reduction in unwanted fat elsewhere on the body.

Imagine fitting into a new pair of jeans that perfectly reveal all the wonderful curves of a tight and lifted buttocks. Can you picture it? This dream can be a reality with the help of Dr. Ricardo Meade. Call today to schedule a consultation and discuss your choices regarding the Brazilian Buttocks Lift Dallas procedure.