Why Lipo Works So Well on Love Handles

Everyone knows that shutterstock_50329978the healthiest way to slim down your figure and get in better shape is through good old-fashioned diet and exercise. Yet, despite your best efforts, you may find that there are specific problem spots that simply don’t respond to even the most committed exercise regimen—the “love handles” are one notorious example of this concern. Why is getting rid of love handles such a problem for so many people, and is there any way to better contour your silhouette?

The Two Types of Fat

The body actually has two different types of fat:

  • Visceral fat develops deep inside the body, building up around internal organs. This is the type of fat that’s responsible for significant weight gain and obesity. Typically, visceral fat responds quite well to changes in eating habits and activity levels.
  • Subcutaneous fat lies closer to the skin’s surface than subcutaneous fat, but tends to be resistant to both diet and exercise. Examples of stubborn subcutaneous fat deposits include the “muffin top” on the lower back, a double chin and love handles.

Due to the nature of these very different types of fat, it’s common for people to have isolated problem spots even after they’ve reached a healthy target weight.

How Liposuction Helps

Liposuction is designed to slim away subcutaneous fat. If you already enjoy a healthy lifestyle but are faced with fat deposits that haven’t improved no matter how aggressively you target those areas in your workouts, liposuction may be the love handle solution you’ve been looking for.