Why You Should Schedule Lipo after Bikini Season

Woman's bodyIt’s perfectly normal to start thinking about looking your best in a bikini just before swim season hits. At the same time, a little planning ahead could mean you’ll have some extra time to get your body in better shape than ever. For many women, this means scheduling liposuction in the fall and winter months.

Addressing Stubborn Fat

Just because you are already at a healthy weight, eat right and exercise doesn’t mean you’ll be completely free of love handles, a muffin top or unwanted fat on your inner thighs. The body seems to store fat in all the places you’re probably trying hardest to tone.

Unlike the visceral fat responsible for issues like being overweight or obesity, the subcutaneous fat that leads to isolated problems spots on an otherwise svelte figure tends to resist even the most targeted workout routine. So how can you achieve a smoother, slimmer silhouette? That’s where liposuction can help.

How Lipo Helps

Liposuction is the surgical removal of those “bumps and bulges” that linger even if you eat a healthy diet and get regular exercise. During liposuction, a special salt water solution is injected into the target area to loosen fatty deposits, which are then removed with a suction wand.

While incredibly effective, lipo is a surgical procedure just like any other, and that means your body will need some recovery time.  Booking a liposuction appointment in the fall or winter means you can be ready to feel more confident next summer at the pool or on vacation.