Young Girl Undergoes Facial Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has helped millions of people around the world feel confident in their physical appearance. Many patients turn to cosmetic treatments like liposuction or breast augmentation to  improve their self esteem, but there are also many times in which plastic surgery is sought after a patient   experiences a severe physical trauma.


Reconstructive plastic surgery can correct damage to the body and face suffered in a car accident, burn injury or even after a physical assault. Victims of extensive accident injuries do not have to suffer with the damage and scars left behind from the incident and can move forward from the accident with the help of a leading cosmetic surgeon.

Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Ricardo Meade has helped many patients who have turned to him for help in correcting scars and trauma to the body and face. Corrective nose surgery (Rhinoplasty), breast reconstruction and Abdominoplasty are all examples of treatments that can be performed both for purely aesthetic reasons, and on patients who have suffered a physical trauma.

Although the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the minimum age at which a patient can undergo a specific plastic surgery treatment, there are emergency situations that require a procedure be performed right away on a younger patient, especially following a major accident or trauma injury.

This weekend, one young girl is counting on plastic surgery to help her overcome injuries suffered after being attacked by a dog while at a family gathering in Cottonwood Heights, Utah.

The girl, only 11 years old, was attending a family gathering at her uncle’s home in Cottonwood Heights after traveling from California to visit her grandparents. Her uncle owned a pit bull and had the dog secured in his bedroom to make sure the animal would not cause anyone any harm. However, the little girl, not knowing the dog was in the room, opened the door and was attacked by the animal.

After the accident, the little girl was rushed to Primary Children’s Medical Center with “fairly extensive facial injuries” but according to Cottonwood Heights Police Sgt. Gary Young , she is doing well and was scheduled to undergo facial plastic surgery to correct the damage from the animal attack.

The girl’s uncle was the one to call police to report the incident and asked that animal control take the dog. No charges will be filed against him because he had taken the proper steps to ensure the animal would not be loose and have the ability to hurt someone.

Specific details regarding the incident have not been released. Because the victim is a minor, her name was not released to the public either. Authorities do not know exactly what might have prompted the dog to attack the little girl or how long her uncle had owned the animal.

“It’s a tragic incident,” said Sgt. Young.

Hopefully the wounds were not too severe and the facial plastic surgery will reduce – or possibly even eliminate – the damage caused by the dog attack. Dr. Meade and his staff all wish the little girl a speedy and successful recovery.

Dr. Meade has been able to help many patients in Chicago with similar injuries caused by a wide range of accidents. Anyone who wishes to undergo reconstructive plastic surgery in Chicago can turn to Dr. Meade to correct the damage done.  If you or a loved one suffered  similar incident, contact Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Ricardo Meade today to schedule a consultation and discuss the best approach to your reconstructive cosmetic procedure.