Can You Combine Eyelid Surgery with a Nose Job?

As you get older, you may find that your face, particularly around the eyes, gives away the fact that you’re aging. Maybe crow’s feet, wrinkles and droopy eyes are even adding years to your actual age. Men and women considering eyelid surgery to counteract the effects of aging often ask about combining it with a nose job, believing that it will involve a shorter recovery time than having both procedures done separately. Or is that just an urban legend?

Combining Eyelid Surgery with Rhinoplasty

Two facial features enhanced with a single recovery time is definitely an advantage.

Dr. Meade has had numerous requests for combined eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty and the good news is that you can opt for both together for a shorter overall recovery time.

While the recovery period won’t actually be reduced by combining the procedures, you will avoid two separate surgeries and two separate recovery periods, which can only be a good thing.

As rhinoplasty can be used to relieve breathing problems, you could be gaining more than simply cosmetic improvements too.

Timing Your Combined Eyelid Surgery and Rhinoplasty

Aside from the fact that you will only have one recovery period to deal with, choosing to have eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty done at once can make it easier to time your plastic surgery. While your face is healing, you’ll have some visible bruising and will need to stay out of direct sunlight to ensure an optimal end result. Combining the procedures means you will only have to find one block of free time suitable for this, a definite plus for today’s hectic lifestyle.