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If you feel that you look too serious, tired, or angry, this may be the procedure for you! Hairline brow lift results are permanent, although slight wrinkles may reappear over time.

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Choose Dr. Meade for Your Hairline Brow Lift

If you’re considering a hairline brow lift in Dallas, Dr. Ricardo Meade is a board-certified facelift specialist that has helped thousands of patients feel more confident in how they present to the world. He offers a wide range of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. He is conveniently located in Dallas and Plano, Texas, to serve the entire community.

If you’d like to know more about how a hairline brow lift could make you feel better about issues you perceive with your forehead, don’t hesitate to contact our compassionate, professional team. You may contact us online or give us a call at 214.823.1691. 

Learn More About Dr. Meade

Your Consultation With Dr. Meade

At your initial consultation with Dr. Meade, all of your questions and concerns about whether or not a hairline brow lift would suit you can be made clear. As a facelift specialist, Dr. Meade may have beneficial insights or procedures you might not know about or have thought of. You'll also have a physical evaluation with Dr. Meade, discuss your aesthetic surgical goals and desires, and review what you can expect during surgery and throughout your recovery. You will also receive a cost estimate for your surgery with detailed price information.

Once these issues are clarified, a path forward can be made so that you can realize the best possible results. Once the plan has been agreed upon, you will receive a precise cost estimate for your procedure.

We know that selecting a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for your aesthetic surgery is essential. You have made a great choice by choosing Dr. Ricardo Meade for your aesthetic surgery consultation!

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Preparing for Hairline Brow Lift Surgery

It’s important to follow Dr. Meade’s instructions for not only pre- but post-surgery—this is to ensure the best possible and longest-lasting results. 

He may ask you to:

  • Obtain other medical evaluations and laboratory testing
  • Adjust or avoid taking certain medications and dietary supplements
  • Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, and drug use
  • Maintain a high level of hydration

What to Expect From the Procedure

During this procedure, an incision is made between the top of the forehead and below the beginning of the patient’s hairline. Then a small amount of excess skin and accompanying tissue is surgically removed from the top of the forehead. This can effectively adjust a hairline that seems too high or out of proportion to the rest of the face.

Because a somewhat high hairline is common in most women, approximately 80% of our patients, we plan the procedure so that the hairline will be constant. 

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Recovery and Results

Our patients report very little pain after a hairline brow lift. However, it is common to feel slight discomfort and a 'tight' sensation throughout the forehead as the results settle.

Swelling and minor bruising are pretty common within the first ten days or so post-surgery; however, most of this will be resolved after approximately two weeks. Usually, the wound is dressed in a light wrap, so we suggest using button-up type shirts and tops rather than a pull-over style that could agitate the wound.

Hairline brow lifts last longer than other face-related procedures simply because of the area's nature. Experience has shown an average brow lift results can maintain their effect between 10 to 12 years, with your skincare regime being a factor. Of course, all of this will be discussed with Dr. Meade at your initial consultation.

When you're ready to learn more about what a hairline brow lift could do for your look, don't hesitate to contact our professional and compassionate team. Give us a call today at 214.823.1691.

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