Improved Chin Appearance

Most people seeking to enlarge or reshape their chin opt for a flexible silicone implant. The procedure can help define and balance your chin, jawline, and profile. It's a relatively low-risk cosmetic procedure with subtle and naturally beautiful results. Additionally, chin implants can be paired with a neck lift or other methods, like a lip lift.

Dr. Meade's expressed goal is to ensure his results look as natural as possible. If you were born with an undersized or small chin or feel that your facial features feel out of proportion, a chin implant could help you gain more confidence about your appearance.

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Choose Dr. Meade for Naturally Beautiful Chin Implants

Dr. Ricardo Meade is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in facelifts. With at least 17 years in the profession, he has helped thousands of men and women realize more confidence in presenting themselves to the world.

With hundreds of 5-star ratings, he is known for his commitment to excellence, safety, and patient comfort. He'll be happy to sit down with you and discuss your personal goals and vision of how you would like to enhance your look. Reach out to us today by calling 214.823.1691.

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Your Chin Implant Consultation

Your initial consultation is a time for you and Dr. Meade to discuss the issues you want to address. He will take the time to listen to your goals and alleviate any concerns you might have and present you with other surgical and non-surgical options if they would better accomplish your aesthetic vision. Dr. Meade will conduct a physical evaluation and review what you can expect during surgery and your recovery.

Once a plan is agreed upon, you will be presented with a clear outline of what to expect from surgery to recovery. Additionally, he will provide you with a precise estimate of the costs for your procedure(s).

Making the Right Choice

We know that selecting a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for your aesthetic surgery is essential. You have made a great choice by choosing Dr. Ricardo Meade for your aesthetic surgery consultation!

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Preparing for Surgery

In the weeks preceding your procedure, you can expect Dr. Meade to ask a few things of you to ensure the best outcome and long-lasting results. 

Some of the things he might ask of you are:

  • To undergo further medical examinations and laboratory tests.
  • To adjust or cease the use of medications and dietary supplements.
  • To refrain from smoking, consumption of alcohol, and drug use.
  • Ensure you are hydrated, especially in the days just before surgery.
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The Chin Implant Procedure

The chin implant procedure is relatively quick. An incision is made inside the mouth or outside, just under the chin. A small pocket is made in front of the chin bone and just under the muscle tissue in which the implant is placed. Usually, the insert is made of silicone, but other options are available.

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Recovery and Results

Since the procedure is relatively short—usually under an hour, healing should be rapid and not as painful as one might imagine.

Because you may have some initial swelling, you might not see the final appearance of your chin and jaw for 3 to 4 months as the results settle into place. After this, most implants will last for a lifetime.

When you're ready to learn more about how this particular procedure or others we offer can significantly enhance the look of your face and how you present to the world, reach out and give out team a call at 214.823.1691. We're here, ready, and happy to help!

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