Refreshing Facial Enhancement 

A coronal brow lift, or a forehead lift, creates a more refreshed facial appearance by removing the excess sagging skin around the forehead and repositioning underlying muscle and tissue. If eyelid drooping disappears when your brows are raised, a brow lift may be the procedure you are looking for!

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Choose Dr. Meade for Your Coronal Brow Lift

Dr. Ricardo Meade is a board-certified plastic surgeon and facelift specialist with over 17 years of professional expertise. Conveniently, he has two locations, one in Dallas and the other in Plano, TX, to serve the entire DFW area. Dr. Meade offers a full range of facial cosmetic surgery procedures for both men and women and has had the honor of helping thousands of patients feel more confident about their appearance. 

Of course, more can be determined at your initial consultation with Dr. Meade.

If you have further questions or want to know more about Dr. Meade and his professional team, call us at 214.823.1691.

Learn More About Dr. Meade

Your Consultation With Dr. Meade

At your initial consultation, Dr. Meade will patiently listen to your goals and ease any concerns. He will conduct a physical evaluation to balance with your aesthetic surgical goals and desires. Dr. Meade may also suggest surgical and non-surgical procedures you've not thought about that could be an even better fit for the look you'd like to achieve. You'll review what you can during surgery and recovery, and once a pathway is set and agreed upon, you'll receive a complete cost estimation.

We know that selecting a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for your aesthetic surgery is essential. You have made a great choice by choosing Dr. Ricardo Meade for your aesthetic surgery consultation. Call us at (214) 823-1691 for a complimentary consultation.

We look forward to meeting you!

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Which Would Be Best for Me, an Eyelid or a Brow Lift?

An eyelid lift is recommended for patients specifically wanting to address sagging, heavy eyelids (either upper or lower) that can impede vision. In comparison, a brow or forehead lift is recommended for patients with lower or heavy brows. 

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The Coronal Brow Lift Procedure

This procedure involves an incision behind the hairline across the top of the head, from ear to ear. Then the forehead is lifted into its new position, with the scalp in front of the incision overlapping the scalp behind it.

Preparing for Surgery

It’s important to follow Dr. Meade’s instructions for both pre-and post-surgery. By doing so, you’ll be setting the very best circumstances for a successful surgery and quick healing with a beautiful result that can last for many years to come. 

Dr. Meade may ask of you the following:

  • To be well-hydrated
  • To undergo other medical evaluations and laboratory testing
  • To adjust or stop taking your medication and dietary supplements
  • To avoid smoking and consumption of alcohol and drugs

Following the instructions as advised will support your efforts to realize a fantastic result.

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Coronal Brow Lift Recovery and Results

For surgical brow lifts, you can expect to enjoy the results of your procedure for 10 to 12 years on average. Of course, some patients will enjoy the results of a surgical lift for a more extended period. Factors such as age and skincare routine will determine how long your treatment will last.

When you’re ready to know more about how a coronal brow lift could improve your appearance, contact us online or at 214.823.1691. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions we can!

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