Transformative Nose Reshaping

Rhinoplasty can be a life-changing procedure that can correct several cosmetic concerns, such as:

  • Reducing a prominent bump on the nasal bridge
  • Altering the tip of the nose
  • Improving nostril symmetry
  • Adjusting proportion and scale for better balance with the rest of the facial features 
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Functional Rhinoplasty in Dallas, TX

Beyond appearances, the nose plays a vital role physiologically as well. Suppose genetic irregularities or a poorly healed former injury are severe enough to obstruct normal breathing. In that case, nose surgery can minimize or even alleviate issues related to breathing problems, snoring, or even sleep apnea.

Functional rhinoplasty can improve and open the airways, removing obstructions and making it easier to breathe more effectively. Since many of the causes of snoring are airway related, improving the passages can dramatically decrease its occurrence. Most of our patients no longer experience snoring after undergoing a rhinoplasty in Dallas.

Your Initial Consultation With Dr. Meade

Scheduling a consultation with Dr. Meade is a crucial first step in ensuring the best possible rhinoplasty results. During this initial appointment, Dr. Meade will conduct a physical evaluation and actively listen to your goals regarding your nose surgery. He'll then discuss what is and is not possible and how he could help you meet and exceed those goals.

Dr. Meade will also discuss the physical impact that rhinoplasty will have on your overall health and well-being and explain in detail what you can expect during surgery and through your recovery. You'll also be provided with a cost estimate for your rhinoplasty.

We encourage you to view rhinoplasty photos in our actual patient before and after photo gallery to understand better what this procedure can achieve. After that, contact us online or call 214.823.1691 for more information on rhinoplasty at our Dallas or Plano plastic surgery offices. 

Additionally, it's always a great idea to run a simple web search to find further examples of just what could be done or perhaps an image that more closely matches the results for your nose.

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Preparing For Your Rhinoplasty Surgery

As the time gets closer to your scheduled rhinoplasty date, Dr. Meade may request specific lab tests or medical evaluations to give you the best possible care. He may also take photos of your nose from different angles for documentation. 

Pre-Surgery Instructions

You'll receive comprehensive pre-surgery instructions, including adjusting certain medications, vitamins, or supplements you're already taking. Dr. Meade will also ask you to avoid alcohol and drugs and completely abstain from smoking before and after surgery. Finally, we advise being as well-hydrated as possible before your procedure.

The Rhinoplasty Procedure

Rhinoplasty can be performed using either intravenous or general anesthesia, and Dr. Meade may take one of two surgical approaches:

  1. An open rhinoplasty begins with a tiny incision made at the base of the nose, right where the strip of tissue that separates the nostrils meets the upper lip. Through this incision, Dr. Meade can access the cartilage beneath.
  2. In a closed rhinoplasty, Dr. Meade makes incisions inside the nostrils so scarring remains completely hidden.

Because the nose is primarily made of cartilage and soft tissues, Dr. Meade can reshape the nose to help you meet your appearance goals. He may remove existing cartilage in some areas or build up the nasal structure using cartilage grafts removed from elsewhere on the body. In some cases, dermal fillers may further shape and refine the nasal contours. 

Of course, Dr. Meade will discuss the specifics of your surgery in more detail with you at your consultation.

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Rhinoplasty Before & After

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How Do People Feel After A Nose Job?

After surgery, there will be some swelling which can take many months to resolve, although most people stop noticing it after a couple of months. You will feel progressively better each day during the first week.

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Recovery and Results

While every patient experiences the recovery process differently, most men and women feel comfortable enough after surgery that they don't even finish a prescription of 40 pain pills. For the first week, splints or narrow tubes may be needed to support the reshaped nasal structure, and bandages may need to be worn for up to 2 weeks for the best nose surgery results.

You should notice an improvement in your nose's size, shape, or profile almost immediately after surgery, which improves as healing progresses and swelling lessens. Your final results should align with your personal goals for your procedure and create improved harmony, balance, and proportion among all of your facial features.

When you're ready to know more about how rhinoplasty could improve your appearance, contact us online or at 214.823.1691. We'll be more than happy to answer any questions we can. Of course, if you're ready to proceed with rhinoplasty in Dallas, TX, we'll be glad to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Meade! 

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National Rhinoplasty Statistics

1. Rhinoplasty can change your nose's size, shape, and proportions. It may be done to repair deformities from an injury, correct a congenital disability or improve some, but not all, breathing difficulties.

2. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, nearly 220,000 rhinoplasties are performed yearly, making this the most common facial plastic surgery procedure.

3. The researchers recorded patients' gender, whether they were satisfied, and the reasons for satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Male and female patients were compared using chi-squared analysis. There were 2326 reviews for primary rhinoplasty procedures (2032 females, 294 males). The overall satisfaction rate was 83.6%.

When you're ready to have your questions answered or proceed with your initial consultation with Dr. Meade, contact us online or call 214.823.1691. Our compassionate and professional team is here, ready to help in any way they can. 

Your Consultation with Dr. Ricardo Meade

The Right Plastic Surgeon for You

Deciding who the right Board Certified Plastic Surgeon is to achieve your goals for rhinoplasty is a vital and personal decision. Dr. Meade has the experience, certifications, and caring manner patients seek. Known for his thoughtful, caring approach and stunning yet natural-looking results, Dr. Meade takes the time to listen to his patients and truly understand their concerns. 

What Happens During Your Consultation?

With Dr. Meade, you can ask questions and understand what to expect during and after your rhinoplasty. During your consultation appointment, he will examine your facial and nasal structure, lay out his surgical plan, and discuss your next steps. Your consultation will include your cost estimate for your custom nose surgery in Dallas. If you're ready to learn more, please call 214-823-1691 to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Ricardo Meade.

We look forward to meeting you!

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Choose Dr. Ricardo Meade for Stunning Rhinoplasty Results

Dr. Ricardo A. Meade is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons serving the Dallas-Ft. Worth metro area, with offices in both Dallas and Plano, Texas. 

In addition to rhinoplasty, Dr. Meade offers a full range of facial cosmetic surgery procedures for both men and women and has helped thousands of patients feel more confident about their appearance. This has, in turn, earned him hundreds of 5-star reviews and other professional accolades.

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