Combining Procedures into a Mommy Makeover

The mommy makeover takes its name from its purpose of targeting the main problem spots of women after pregnancy. Dr. Meade can help you pick the right combination to address your specific concerns for a personalized result that rejuvenates your figure. The Most Comprehensive Choice A mommy makeover is the catchall phrase to de Read more →

Can You Combine Rhinoplasty with Other Surgeries?

Adding other cosmetic surgery procedures to your rhinoplasty, or nose job, can better complement your reshaped nose, offer more comprehensive results and help you feel more confident about your look. Rhinoplasty alone focuses just on your nose and correcting bumps, asymmetry, the proportion and scale and poor structure. Dr. Meade can also ad Read more →

Can Rhinoplasty Improve Breathing Problems?

While rhinoplasty is a common procedure to improve the shape of the nose, the procedure isn’t always purely cosmetic. The benefits of nose surgery range from aesthetic to practical, as the procedure is commonly used to help treat breathing problems and correct obstructed airways. What Is Rhinoplasty? Be Read more →

Which Liposuction Technique Means the Best Results?

It can be frustrating to finally hit your target weight through diet and exercise only to have stubborn fat stop you from achieving the silhouette you desire. Liposuction can help improve those problem spots that don’t respond to diet or exercise. But is there one liposuction technique that can mean better results? How Liposuction Works Read more →

Liposuction vs. Exercise: Getting the Results You Want

Losing weight is one of the most common personal goals. While many people focus on leading a healthier lifestyle to lose weight, some think that they might be able to use liposuction to take the fat away. However, liposuction is not a weight loss tool, and there are some critical differences between the results that are possible with liposuction as opposed to exercise. It’s important to understand the limitations of both as Read more →

Combining Liposuction and Breast Implants

While not always thought of as procedures that can be performed simultaneously, combining breast implants with liposuction is becoming increasingly popular in the field of plastic surgery and at Dr. Meade's practice. The two procedures have very different goals, yet can complement each other effectively and provide a level of cosmetic enhancement not possible on their own. Surgery Synergy Read more →

Why Lipo Works So Well on Love Handles

Everyone knows that the healthiest way to slim down your figure and get in better shape is through good old-fashioned diet and exercise. Yet, despite your best efforts, you may find that there are specific problem spots that simply don't respond to even the most committed exercise regimen—the "love handles" are one notorious example of this concern. Why is getting rid of love handles such a problem f Read more →

Why You Should Schedule Lipo after Bikini Season

It's perfectly normal to start thinking about looking your best in a bikini just before swim season hits. At the same time, a little planning ahead could mean you'll have some extra time to get your body in better shape than ever. For many women, this means scheduling liposuction in the fall and winter months. Addre Read more →

Round vs. Anatomically Shaped Implants

With so many breast implant options on the market today, understanding the best implant shape for you can be tricky. A board-certified plastic surgeon is trained and experienced in understanding how the different implant types will look for a range of body types and goals after surgery. Your plastic surgeon can explain more about why you might see a better outcome from one type of implant over another, Read more →

Can Liposuction Reveal a More Muscular Abdomen?

Men and women alike often feel self-conscious about their midsection. Even with regular exercise and a healthy diet, you may have extra pounds and flabby skin on your stomach. We see many patients who have good abdominal muscle definition, but it is "hidden" behind layers of excess tissue. Can plastic surgery help? Building Muscular Strength Muscle strength only comes from lots of training. No matter how miracu Read more →